Digital Fluency

click here for an entertaining video about digital fluency and why we should be digitally fluent.

Digital Fluency (Blue Coat Photos, 2015)

Digital Natives

Digital natives- a generation of young people born into the digital age- are suggested to be inherently tech-savvy. ‘digital nativity’ has been suggested to conceptualise digital fluency (Myers, Sundaram & Wang, 2012).

What is digital fluency?

Digital fluency is the ability to understand and use technology and technological systems. It is also the ability to communicate with the use of technology and be digitally literate (Spencer, 2015).

Why do we need to be digitally fluent?

Every day, more and more services are being moved online, such as health, bills, safety, communication, education, and even voting.

Using and Understanding technology

It is extremely important in today’s society to understand how to use technological devices (Spencer, 2015). Without the basic knowledge of these devices, one may be digitally excluded and will miss out on any services available to people online.

Being connected

With everyone learning and using technology. It is able to be used as a tool that allows us to communicate easily with others.

How can I become digitally fluent?

By acquiring skills to select the right tools and teaching yourself how to understand digital devices.

You may not have noticed, but technology and its devices have integrated themselves into our society.

Technological devices include our mobile phones, computers, televisions, and much more

You can improve your digital fluency by expanding your knowledge on technology and opening your mind to more tools and devices available to you.


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Link for video:

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